Learning environment info

Welcome to the learning environment created by the WINGS project!

Here you will find educational materials in the form of presentations and interactive online games to test the acquired skills.

As part of our course, you will learn about:

  • Global Entrepreneurship Mindset,
  • Core Competences of Entrepreneurship,
  • Management of Uncertainty,
  • Intercultural Communication,
  • Marketing Skills and,
  • Business Skills.

In the game, you will take part in the work of running a start-up, supporting the work and making decisions. Their team includes 4 people, coming from different parts of Europe, who had met in the university.

2 years ago, they established a startup. The company has created an innovative t-shirt which is breathing, antiperspirant, antimicrobic, non-crumpling, non-fading, waterproof, self-washable, and is 100% recyclable. While playing the game, you'll follow their discussion on several topics related to the growth of their business and you'll be asked to play a few games to check your knowledge on that topic

How to navigate inside the learning environment?

In the game, use the SPACEBAR to move the conversation forward.

Use the left mouse button to select the correct answer, move notes or use other functions.

After each in-game exercise you will get a brief feedback on how you did.

"In the game, you can also use these 2 buttons: "

They are there to help make the game as clear and enjoyable as possible for you.
In the game, some answers are divided into pieces.
For such questions, you will then see a [Next option] and [Previous option] button, use these to move between the answers.
Remember, this is an educational game!
All the examples used in the game do not relate to real situations and have been created for educational purposes only.
We believe that a learning environment will allow you to acquire knowledge in an attractive way.

Have fun learning!