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Competence framework on Start-ups and entrepreneurs internationalization report

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wINGS is an Erasmus+ project designed to identify core and innovative learning methods that best encourage success in international activities for start-ups and entrepreneurs. More specifically, through this project partner organisations will design an innovative serious business and internationalization game that will be supported by a training course for the internationalization of start-ups. With this, we aim to solve the special needs of start-ups and entrepreneurs, as well as to make available the proper training about essential aspects of the internationalization process.

The pursued objectives of the project are:

  • To deepen the assessment of the actual competencies of the trainersfor using virtual games in strategic management,
  • To develop a course comprising of 6 teaching notes for the game cases on Strategic Management,
  • To pilot teaching notes with 50 trainers (10 per country),
  • To develop 6 game cases,
  • To pilot game cases with 30 entrepreneurs (each trainer with 5 in each country),
  • To develop the textbook and an article on using ICT in teaching process,
  • Disseminate results of the project in order to assure wide exploitation.

The wINGS project creates an online course with teaching notes and serious game cases comprising Learning Environment which has the objectives of developing the entrepreneurship and internationalization skills in the real life situations. Finally, the objective is to educate/teach the player about the various issues associated with internationalization that concern real life situations.

Our team


Nicosia, Cyprus (coordinator)

Danmar Computers

Rzeszow, Poland


Valencia, Spain


Sofia, Bulgaria


Matosinhos, Portugal

bit cz training, s.r.o.

Praha, Czech Republi